Saturday, March 17, 2007

MIxed Bag by Rajiv gopinath

hiiiiii this is a Quiz taken form Rajiv Mixed bag. It has lot of gud questions so all r listed in this blog.

1. Ganz - a gift company in the us inttroduced these
toys in 2005, they were the first to exist both in the
physical and virtual world. each toy comes with an ID
number that gives access to the toy's personal
webpage, where its online persona can be discovered.
name the toy - Webkinz
2. Connect Bei bei, jing jing, huan huan, ying ying,
Nini - 5 mascots of Beijing Olympics - Fish, panda ,
tibetian antelope and swallow
3. 1st music video by a black artist to go on air on
mtv - Billie jean - MJ
4. How is Ghyslain Raza better known ? The star wars
5. Ben and jerry's have launched a new ic ecram in
honour of comedian - Stephen colbert. name the flavour
- Stephen Colberts Americone Dream
6. In which yr was cox and kings established - 1758
7. Which is the worlds costliest city for expats ? -
8. Ed Zander is ceo of which company ? - Motorola
9. Name the person - b sep 19, 1965 in euclid, ohio.
Compleed her BS in phy science from us navel academy
in 1987. In 1990, she was deplayed in the persian gulf
as part of op. desert storm, - sunita williams
10. The death of Alexander Litvinenko, the ex russian
spy has been linked to a major dose of this substance
in his body. Which? - Polonium 210
11. Simon cowell, Sharon osbourne and Louis walsh are
judges for which reality show - X Factor
12. Elin Nordegren has filed a case against an irish
magazine for publishing fake nude photograhs claiming
to be her. which magazine ? - The Dubliner
13.Jack Cohen founded which retail empire ? - Tesco
14. What is unique about lavasa, in the mose valley
near pune ? - India's first pvt hill station
15. Pramod Mittal has bought over which Int FC ? -
CSKA Sofia
16. Who was the mascot of the 15th asian games ? -
Orry, the qatary Oryx
17. Which sporting co. represents Jeev Milkha singh -
Tiger sports Marketing
18. Baseline of which company is - Forever new
frontiers -? Boeing
19. After Ana Carolina died of anorexia, there has
been a code of conduct established where models below
a certain BMI are disallowed, what BMI ? - 18
20. Which is the worlds largest office supplies
retailer ? - Staples inc
21. Whose 1st book was hullabaloo in the guava orchard
? - Kiran Desai
22. Only player apart from nadal to beat federer in 06
? - Andy Murray
23. Mohammed al fayed - owner of harrods - also owns
which FC ? - Fulham
24. Which is the world's largest outdoor laundry -
Dhobi ghat at saat rasta , mahalaxmi
25. Connect Bonanno, Colombo, Genovese, Gambino and
Lucchese ? - the five families - The major crime
families of italian american mafia.
26. The jamesbond cuff was created by whhich famous
shirt making firm - Turnbull and asser
27. Name this soap opera - created by Reg Watson and
followed the daily lives of several families who live
in the 6 houses at the end of ramsay street in the
middle class suburb of Erinsborough. it celebrated its
20th anni in 2005. The 2 main families are the
robinsons and the ramsays. ? - Neighbours
28. The first cloned mammal was a sheep by the name
‘Dolly’ why was it named so ? – Dolly after dolly
parton. it was cloned fm a mammary cell
29. who owns the prod co - Big Dog Prodcutions - Jay
30. Founed in 1995 as a divn of microsoft, this was
the 1st big internet travel brand. Which ? - Expedia
31. Only 3 movies have won all 5 major oscars - Film,
dir, screenplay, actor, actress - It happened one
night, silence of the lambs, and --- = One flew over
the cuckoos nest
32. Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwarya - who / what are
they ? - they are the 3 largest oil fields of Cairn
India in rajastan
33. The bombay stock exchange started under the sahde
of the banyan tree at which location in Mumbai ?-
Horniman Circle
34. Audrey hepburns black dress which she wore in
breakfast at tiffanys was revntly auctioned ? who was
the designer ? - Givenchy
35. William Gossett was a statistician for the guiness
brewery in dublin. what famous statistic did he invent
? - Students T Statistic
36. What was created in 1957 by james mc Lamore and
David edgerton and sold for 37 c. today it costs
betweeb 99 c and $2.49 - Whopper
37. Shirley bassey has sung the theme songs for 2 Bond
movies. Which ? - Diamonds are forever and Moonraker
38. Walmart recently acquired China's 2nd largest
hypermarket chain. Which chain ? - TrustMart
39. MTV mascot for world aids day ? – Rubber Sing
40. Official Clothier of the Standard Chartered Mumbai
marathon - Switcher
41. 1st woman to head BBC, albeit in an acting
capacity ? - Chitra Bharucha (in an acting capacity)
42. The only woman and the only american to head a
company in France' CAC40 index - Patricia Russo
43. Which belgian brand is known by its iconic monkey
symbol ? - Kipling
44. Whose baseline was 'Making flying as affordable as
a pair of jeans' -
45. Which country has the largest japanese population
outside japan ? - Brazil
46. Which australian wine manufacturer features an
original aus stamp on each of its bottles - Hardys
47. Which actress made her broadway debut in '3 days
of rain' - Julia roberts
48. What is burger king called in australia - Hungry
49. Name the liquor brand - recipe known only to 12
ppl in the world. it was developed in 1769 in london
by a scot. it features in casino royale ? - gordons
50. Name the drink - 2 oz london dry gin, 1 oz french
vermouth, 1 dash orange bitters, garnish with lemon
peel ? - Classic Martini
51. Name the publisher of magazines - Food and Wine /
Travel and Leisure - American Express Publishing
52. T9 the predictive text technology stands for what
? - Text on 9 keys
53. Which movie is about the life and death of George
Reeves , a tv star who played superman in the 50's ? -
54. Which company derives from the chinese char - to
arise or to come out of - it was founded in 1944 as a
manufacturer of steel tubings and bicycles ? - Kia
55. the slogan for which consulting co is 'helping
make companies more valuable' ? Bain andVCompnay
56. Which singer/electronic musician was born Richard
Melville Hall and took his name from a book written by
his Great Great Grand uncle - Moby - Herman melville
57. Name the clothing company - founded in 1945 by
master tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and fashion designer
Gaetano Savini. The co. was named after a resort on
the adriatic coast. Its a favorite of donald trump and
have been associated with bond and pierce brosnan
since '95 - Brioni
58. Name the mafioso - called dapper don and teflon
don , was the don of the Gambino crime family - John
59. claim to fame of a person named Sidney Skolsky ? -
1st to use the term oscar in 1934. in ref to kate
hepburns oscar win
60. Which u2 song was given to bono's wife ali as a
present as he forgot her birthday while recording -
The sweetest thing
61. The first film with dolby sound was A Clockwork
Orange. which was the first film with dolby digital
sound ? 1992 - batman returns
62. Name the cocktail - Vodka nd ginger beer nd lime ?
- Moscow Mule
63. Rapper Jayceon Taylor is known bettter by what
name ? - The Game
64. Name the liquor brand - established by jose
arechabala in 1878 and was nationalised after the
cuban revolution in 1959. it is the main rum brand in
cuba ? - Havana club
65. What does T rating on pc games stand for ? - Teen
66. Who was the gov gen of dutch east indies fm
1635-44 who sent abel tasman on his voyage of
discovery In1642 ? - Anthony van diemen
67. The buttonwood agreement which took place on may
17, 1792, started what - NYSE
68. Which song of u2 was written about bono's
daughters, and the title being a metaphor of things
that go out of one's realm = Kite-
69. Which singer is called Britains female eminem =
Lady soverign
70. Shawn carter is better known as _________ ? = Jay
71. Arif mohammed hussain bohhri of pune was in the
news for what in Nov 06 ? - the auto rickshaw driver
in pune who took brangelina around
72. Foreign sec of uk Robin Cook called which dish the
true british national dish - Chicken tikka masala
73. Ritesh simran karanjit bhalla is better known as
_________ ? - Sonjay Dutt - TNA
74. Which popular snack is prepared using a process
called fracture process ? - Popcorn
75. Which word was declared word of the year 2005 -
76. Name the character - lives in mushroom kingom
where he is regarded as a hero, he is best known for
constantly thwarting the plans of the evil king bowser
to kidnap princess peach - Mario
77. Name the company - founded in1919 by isaac carasso
in barcelona as a small factory producng yoghurt. the
name was chosen from the name of his first son, Daniel
- Danone
78. Why was preeti desai in the news ? - crowned miss
UK 2006 after Danielle lloyd was stripped of crown
79. Name the sauce - made of mirin, sake, chicken
bones, and brown sugar ? - Yakitori Sauce
80. ‘Where the streets have no name ' was 1st played
on the rooftop of a LA liquor store in mar, 87. this
was shot as a homage to which group - Beatles when
they played on the rooftop of apple records
81. Tribeca is an upmarket neighborhood in downtown
manhattan. its a syllabic abbreviatiion of what ? -
Triangle below canal street
82. What is the baseline of youtube ? - Broadcast
83. Whose last movie was ' a priarie home companion' ?
robert altman
84. What is the website msn has launched in direct
competition to youtube ? - soapbox
85. P L travers created which famous fictional
character ? - Mary Poppins
86. What is the full form of MTN ? - Mobile
telephone netwrorks
87. What is Mattel's line of high end designer
clothing for adult women ? Barbie Luxe
88. What is the full form of Cosmetic company MAC ? -
Make up art cosmetics
89. Born walter jack palahnuik in 1919,.he was the
third of 5 children of ukrainian immigrants. Made his
film debut in 1950 playing a murderer named blackie in
'panic in the streets'. he portrayed the ardent lover
who stalks the terrified joan crawford in 1952's
Sudden Fear. he got his 1st oscar nomination for this.
in 1953 he got his 2nd nomination for portraying jack
wilson in the western clasic Shane. 1n 1991, he
portrayed the char - Curly in city slickers. ? Jack
Palance. died nov 2006
90. Which club is located at 103, Gaunt Street,
elephant and castle, Southwark, South london. and
opened in 1992 - And was founded by Jamie Palumbo ? -
Ministry of Sound
91. Musician Richard David James is known by what name
- Aphex Twin
92. Casey Fenton is the founder of which travel site ?
– Couchsurfing. com
93. Whose baseline is - Move you ? Nintendo Wii
94. Which company was behind the David Blaine
suspension at times square ? - Target discount stores
95. What is located in the town of henley on klip ,
about 40 m out of johanesberg - set on 22 acres and
over 26 buildings - Oprah winfrey leadership academy
for girls
96. A .japanese woman - Lady Murasaki took care of
this fictional char when he was young just after ww2 ?
- Hannibal
97. A state of trance is a radio show by which DJ ? -
Armin van buuren
98. Which business group founded in 1950 by Onsi
Saviris ? - Orascom
99. Name the Country with highest number of amputees
in the world ? - Angola
100. Anheuser busch has launched a beer called
Redbridge ? what is unique about it ?
- 1st natiioally available sorghum beer. for wheat
allergy sufferers
101. Moqtada al sadr's army is called Jam by the
american forces. What is the full form of JAM ? -
Jaish Al Mahdi
102. ‘On the Lot' is a reality series on fox that has
become a huge talking point. What is it about ?
Spielberg's reality series where 16 young dir are
pitted against each other. for a $ 1 m deal.
103. Which publcation was founded by thomas j c
martyn on feb 17, 1933. - newsweek
104. This honda car model is called fit in japan,
china, n & s america, what is itt called in europe, m
east ? - Jazz
105. The awareness of which brand was spread in
britain by the political magazine - Private eye- wgich
ran a cartoon series - The adventures of barry mc
kenzie' - which featured this brand ? Fosters
106. Which brand was formed by the partnership of
samuel ruben and p r mallory in the 1920s ? - Duracell
107. In south park, there is a particular combo that
is used as a remedy to cure the town of sars - Nyquil
, sprfite and ------ = campbells chicken soup
108. Steve ball and robert fripp perfected the tune
for what ? - windows vista
109. Name the 3rd founder of youtube - chad hurley,
steve chen, and ___________ ? - javed karim
110. Who designed the paypal logo ? - chad hurley
111. Whose 2 reality tv shows are - The big give /
your money or your life ? – Oprah
112. Who was playmate of the yr in 1993 ? - anna
nicole smith
113. Audrey hepburn’s black dress in Breakfast at
Tiffany’s is being auctioned - to whom are the
proceeds going to ? - City of joy charity.
114. Which site was founded by Niklas Zennstroem and
Janus Friis, the men behind Skype, and is pitching
itself as a broadband video network. ? - Joost
115. Who is the sole franchisee of jockey in india ? -
Page Industries
116. One of europes foremost critics of islam has just
launched her new memoir - Infidel ? - Ayaan Hirsi Ali
117. Before she died, Anna Nicole Smith was a model
for a wgt loss supplement. which brand ? - Trimspa
118. Complete the following = Bordeaux, Sonoma and ___
= Mosel
119. Who owns the rugby club : South sydney rabbitohs
? = Russell Crowe
120. What are cat bonds ? - catastrophe bonds ,
usually issued by insurers, offer yyields above avg
int rates to investors if a natural disaxster does not
occur over a given period
which ivy league univ is considering the appointment
of its 1st ever fmale pres - Harvard . Historian Drew
Gilpin Faust
121. Which doctor plays himself in a reality show
-Doc90210 ? - raj kanodia
122. 1st indian outside of HLL to be on the unilever
board - Narayana Murthy
123. Whose new cookery is to be titled Curry rules ? –
Shilpa Shetty
124. What is common to the following songs - are u
gonna be my girl - Jet, feel good inc - Gorillaz,
technologic - Daft Punk, Ride - The Vines, Love train
- Wolfmother, someday baby - Bob dylan, lose yourself
- Eminem ? - all songs used in I Pod advertsing
125. Natalie maines is the lead singer of which group
- Dixie chicks
126. Why was robyn troup of houston in the news in
connection to the Grammy’s ? - winner of the grammy my
moment contetst with chancce to perform with JT
127. Name this entertainment website - started by
movie buff Harry Knowles. It is one the web's most
popular sites for latest movie gossip -
128. author of book - audacity of hope ? = Barack
129. The Hong Kong public have dubbed Li Ka Shing as
Chiu Yan ? What does Chui Yan translate as ? -
130. The yr of the pig begins on feb 18 and festvities
end 15 days later with which festival - Lantern
131. Which fc is known as the Magpies - Newcastle
132. the tagline of which airline is - A world of
difference ? = Paramount Airways
133. Brady dougan is the ceo of which financial
services group ? - Credit Suisse
134. What is the newberry medal given for ? - best
childrens book of the yr
135. Most popular course in harvard and who takes it ?
- Psychology 1504 taken by Tal Ben Shahar